On a mission to rid trolling for parking....forever.
Find available space in "real time" in a lot or ramp.
There's a spot.....!


We provide you parking solutions.

Space-specific Wayfinding

Find the lot and a space quicker with our unique feature.

Social Sharing

Share where open spaces are with friends and family.

Lot Attendant

Know who you’re parking with at all times.


Reserve your space ahead of time.

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We are the leaders in this space, park with us.


Large parking space


Building area parking


Garage parking


Automation parking


VIP parking


Free-space parking

Business mans

Private lot owners, ramp owners, we can add your lot to our database, just tell us how many vacant spaces you'd like to advertise, and you're in and active in parking searches. Make more money, fill spots with PLB.

Our Amazing Team

Parking lot buddy team

  • Marcus sharp

    Marcus Sharp, Founder/CEO

    15 years of business management experience

  • Rebeca1

    Rebecca Sharp, CFO

    12 years of business management/financial experience

  • Mahesh

    Mahesh, CTO

    10 years experience in IT indusry

  • Rachit1

    Rachit, Global sales manager

    7 years experience in Global sales marketing


  • Well, parking lot buddy specializes in helping you sell parking spaces.

  • We also help private lot owners, ramp owners, airports and others convert empty spaces into filled ones. By simple adding your lot or ramp to our databse, drivers can find your lot or ramp and validate that its the best choice even before they see your sign.

  • Looking to create a parking brand? List your space with us. Join thousands of others that are earning cash selling spaces.

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